Super Heroes Take On FBE Apple 5k Run In Belmont –

September 23, 2020

RUN SAFELY! Our Super Heroes have put together a fun and important video of running our 5K course, highlighting safe crossing points, and top tips on how best to run the course. We will not have police or public safety monitors on the course this year, so the FBE urges participants to beware of street traffic when running.

Please watch this fun, informative video at

A huge thank you to: Scot DeDeo (Flash), Donal Reynolds (The Hulk), Lisa Engler (Wonder Woman), Becca Pizzi (Super Girl), Duane Bronson (Captain Underpants), and Videographer Douglas Hall.

Connect with your Inner Super Hero and REGISTER TO RUN!

Warm up with Donna Ognibene

Another safe approach to running is to warm up properly before hand! Donna Ognibene will be back again to help everyone loosen up and warm up before they take on the Apple Run. Due to Covid-19 restrictions and the race being virtual this year, we will be holding a Zoom session with Donna and posting the recording on our social media feeds. We hope you join Donna and us to make sure you are ready to race. The link to Zoom session will also be provided to all registered participants.

It wouldn’t be a FBE Run without DJ Paul Madden!

DJ Paul Madden has put together a classic FBE Apple Run playlist especially for our runners! This is available to download via Spotify, DJ Paul Madden on Spotify

DJ Paul Madden’s TOP TIP for making this listening experience the absolute best: Go to your settings in Spotify – select Playback – adjust the Crossfade slider to 9 seconds. This will mix the music rather than a cold end/start to songs.

Weekend and Columbus Day Run Times

If you plan to run the Apple Run course between 9am – 4pm on a weekend or on Columbus Day, please reserve a time slot to ensure that there are not too many people on the course at once. Please reserve a slot at:


Volunteer Opportunities

Can’t Run? Volunteer! Even though our event is virtual this year, we still need volunteers to make it work. Could you help out preparing the swag bags? Be a timer at the HS track? Please use this link to sign up and donate a little of your time. Thank you.

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Author: The Covid-19 Channel