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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – Since the start of the pandemic, scammers have been creative in targeting victims through fear or worry around COVID-19.

Tony Binkley, the CEO and President of the BBB of East Tennessee, says now they now have another online scam out for people to sign up and be wait-listed for a COVID-19 vaccine or cure.

Binkley says scammers are often use a sense of urgency as a scare tactic. But it’s a moment where you should just slow down.

“The Federal Trade Commission just sent letters out to several companies last week, where they had made some false claims about having some vaccine or remedy or something along those lines. So you know there’s no vaccine out there at this point, and with this and anything else, the best thing to do is just slow down,” Binkley.

Binkley says another red flag is if these sites ask you to pay with a gift card.

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Author: The Covid-19 Channel