Remembering our heroes, now and in the past –

July 4th, Independence Day, will always be a special holiday. It has been a couple of months since its celebration. I would love to recognize some of my Patriotic Heroes, specifically a gifted young lady, mature beyond her years, incredibly versed in medical situations with veterans. She treats us all like she is part of our family and hers − Stephanie Allard Chiappa from VA-NL.

My heroes from past to present also include, Tom Burke, Richard Friedrich, John Cotter and Ben Hong. These individuals are legends who symbolize patriotism for our flag and country. Stephanie Chiappa from the VA-NL continues to help me with emotional and medical battles as a proud Vietnam veteran. She continues to help all veterans!

So let me express by great appreciation to Stephanie and the staff at VA-NL. You all have made a difference.

I have proudly served in the military with all men and women of color. Thanks to all for your service!

Benjamin P. Lathrop

Former Mayor


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Author: The Covid-19 Channel