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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Congressman Roger Marshall has voted down the second version of the Heroes Act.

Congressman Roger Marshall says the House voted on the Heroes Act 2.0 on Thursday, which he claims simply recycles the same Democrat wishlist that was rejected by the White House and Republicans and continues to ignore the true needs of the American people and business owners, which is why he voted no.

“Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats again rebuffed attempts by Republicans and the Administration to find a reasonable compromise. Instead they remain determined to use this pandemic to promote their socialist agenda with no pet project or left-wing agenda item left behind, many of which have nothing to do with COVID-19,” said Rep. Marshall “The Heroes Act 2.0  would also provide stimulus checks to illegal immigrants, taxpayer dollars for Planned Parenthood, mandates the release of an unknown number of federal prisoners, like those currently serving time at the Leavenworth Federal Prison, and provides even less funding for our brave law enforcement officers. These aren’t solutions that help Kansans – this bill is just more government hand-outs and questionable take-overs by bureaucrats in the swamp.”

Marshall said he stands with his fellow Republicans in their commitment to supporting families, business owners and communities.

Marshall also claimed that Democrats are not concerned with Kansas.

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Author: The Covid-19 Channel