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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) – Scammers are taking aim at Maine’s elderly population.

They’re using the coronavirus as a cover.

There have been recent reports of phone calls from people claiming to be contact tracers with the CDC.

The scammers eventually try to get financial information in an effort to steal money from the people they call.

The director of the Maine CDC says if you have any suspicions, you should ask that caller for a call back number.

“And then check to make sure that that number in the phone book or nowadays of course on Google is actually the number for the Maine CDC, and if you’re not able to get that, if you’re not able to have somebody give you a number that says, yup, you can call the Maine CDC hotline or the switchboard and they’ll transfer you right back to me, that is a red flag,” said Dr. Nirav Shah.”

Shah says a call from the Maine CDC will actually say Maine CDC on the caller ID.

Also, they will only ask your name and date of birth – never financial information.

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Author: The Covid-19 Channel