Front-Liner Who Caught & Beat Coronavirus: Farmingdale Local Hero – Farmingdale, NY Patch

FARMINGDALE, NY — When times are tough, heroes emerge. We all know someone who’s making a difference right now as we live through unprecedented and changing times.

Here at Patch, we’ve launched an initiative to help recognize these heroes making a difference in their communities. Together with Ring, we’re working to let all your neighbors know about these outstanding people and their stories.

This submission comes from Marta Turco, who nominated Samuel Nektalov, of Farmingdale.

Relationship to nominee:

Reason for recognition:
Sam is a Respiratory Therapist in Nassau County and NYC hospitals. He works in the ICUs, in which, he helps premature babies and adults to overcome debilitating illnesses. Sam was also on the front lines during the Covid pandemic.

One thing to know:
Sam is a genuine person who helps to treat babies and adults. He was one of the heroes who contracted COVID-19 at work while treating his patients. Shortly after beating the Corona beast, he was back on the front lines again.

Thank you for all you do, Samuel!

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Author: The Covid-19 Channel