Does Anyone Know Where Our Stimulus Money Is? – Refinery29

But don’t rejoice yet. Functionally, the passage of Heroes Act 2.0 doesn’t mean much given that it has virtually no hope of becoming law. Senate Republicans are unlikely to vote on it, and have repeatedly insisted on a bill close to $1 trillion or less. In September, Senate Republicans tried to pass a stimulus package that only gave about $650 billion in aid, $350 billion of which would come from funds that hadn’t been depleted from earlier relief packages. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has continued talks with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, but indicated yesterday that they were far apart in coming to a deal. The latest White House offer is a $1.6 trillion proposal that would include a $1,200 direct payment and a $400/week unemployment boost just until the end of 2020. But Republican lawmakers don’t seem eager for this White House compromise either, insisting that it’s still too expensive. 
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Author: The Covid-19 Channel